Snipline Docs


All the features of Snipline can be used with a mouse, and 90% of them can also be done with just the keyboard.

Creating a new snippet

While on the main section of Snipline (and not focused in the Search Bar or Command Bar) press n to bring up the new snippet form.

From here you can use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through the text fields.

You can either write dynamic variables by typing them manually (#{[Variable Name=Default Value]} and #select{[Choice Name=value 1,value 2]}) or use Tab to cycle to the New Variable button and press Enter to append them to your command.

When focused on the "advanced options" button, pressing Enter will bring up the advanced options which you can then use tab to cycle through as well.

To save the snippet, use Tab to cycle to the Save button and press Enter.

To go back without saving, first press Esc to unfocus any form elements and then press Backspace.

Editing an existing snippet

Editing an existing snippet works the same as creating a new snippet.

To select a snippet to edit, press e while in the Snippet List, type the snippet row number and press Enter.

You can delete a snippet by using Tab to focus the Delete button and pressing Enter.

Filtering and selecting snippets

Press / on your keyboard to select the search bar and type either part of the command name, or part of the command itself.

When you press Enter you will come out of the search bar focus.

If there is only one result the copy process will automatically start.

If there is more than one result you can then type :<number> to choose a command to copy. Or :e<number> to choose a command to edit.

Alternatively, if you have set an alias for a command you can copy this command with :ya<alias> edit it with :ea<alias>, or pin with :pa<alias>.

If you want to browse your snippets, you can use the down/up keys on your keyboard (or j / k for Vim users). For faster scrolling use Ctrl+d and Ctrl+u.

Pressing Tab will cycle through focusable elements. Each snippet can be focused and pressing Enter will start the copy process.

Finally, to jump back to the top of your list press g+g (g twice in quick succession). and to jump to the bottom use shift+g.

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