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Most the things you need to know about are covered in the basics but here are some useful tips.

Using the same variable twice

If, for example, you need to reference a database name more than once in a Snippet it's very easy to do so. Just add in the variable name without the default parameter where needed.

In the example below, DB is set with a default of snipline so the first time it pops up in the copy modal you'll see snipline pre-filled.

After you fill in the value all references are changed to the same text.

CREATE DATABASE #{[DB=snipline]};create user #{[User]}; grant all on #{[DB]}.* to '#{[User]}'@'localhost' identified by '#{[Password]}';

Using DB=snipline, User=mitch, Password=badpassword will result in the following:

CREATE DATABASE snipline;create user mitch; grant all on snipline.* to 'mitch'@'localhost' identified by 'badpassword';

Notice how that both instances of DB and User have been updated.

Variable Validation

There are somethings you can't do with variables. These include:

With that in mind, the following are invalid:

# Invalid because default is set after first instance
echo '#{[Variable]} #{[Variable=default]}'

# Invalid because two different defaults are set for the same variable
echo '#{[Variable=first]} #{[Variable=second]}'

Read the next chapter to find out how to use multi-choice preset variables.

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